桃县 911 is encouraging residents and businesses to register for CodeRED, a telephone communication service that allows us to quickly notify residents about emergency situations.  

桃县 911 will use the CodeRED system to notify residents about emergencies such as severe weather within seconds after being issued by the National Weather Service. Weather notifications are issued for the immediate threats of severe thunderstorm warnings, 山洪警报和龙卷风警报.  


  • 饮用水污染
  • 公用事业中断
  • 疏散通知及路线
  • 失踪人
  • 火灾或洪水
  • 炸弹威胁
  • 人质劫持事件
  • 化学品泄漏或气体泄漏
  • 其他需要迅速准确通知的紧急事件

注册很容易. 简单的 点击此注册链接 并填写所需的信息.


供没有互联网接入的居民使用, please call the 桃县 Department of Emergency Communications non-emergency phone line at 478-822-9111 during normal business hours and an Emergency Communications staff will assist in the registration process.



CodeRED is an emergency notification service by which 桃县 officials can notify 桃县 residents and businesses by telephone, 手机, 短信, 或关于紧急情况或关键社区警报的电子邮件. The system is capable of sending messages only to specific neighborhoods or the entire community.


No. 桃县尊重你的隐私. CodeRED will be used when emergency situations arise that you should know about.

The system will be used to send messages only to those residents and businesses directly affected by a particular event. 例如, if you happen to live in an area for which a "boil water" advisory has been issued due to a water main break, CodeRED will call only you and your neighbors to deliver that very important health advisory.
如果全县发生紧急情况, all Peach residents will be contacted by the method of their choice and kept up-to-date on developments.


恶劣天气情况, 大量公用事业中断, 疏散通知, 失踪或失踪人员, 火灾或洪水, 主要道路问题, 重大犯罪情况, 化学品泄漏或气体泄漏. 简而言之,紧急情况和社区警报.


CodeRED is an additional measure of safety 桃县 believes our residents need and deserve. 如果停电,你就不能看电视了. 然而, 因为电话线是自动供电的,而且现在大多数人都有手机, 桃县 can continue to keep you informed through messages delivered by CodeRED.

即使你有权力, CodeRED will probably be able to reach you with important information faster than TV and radio stations can put it on the air. 那是因为编码是你和桃县之间的直接联系.

许多紧急情况在没有事先警告的情况下发生. In such cases, you may have no reason to turn on a TV or radio or you may be sleeping. That's when CodeRED can help 桃县 政府 alert you immediately and advise you to take appropriate action.


编码留言的来电显示是866-419-5000. We suggest you program this number in your cell phone as a "new contact" and use "CodeRED" as the contact name. 如果需要再次重播紧急通知消息, 只要拨这个号码,你就会再次听到留言. A CodeRED message will usually begin, "This is an emergency message from 桃县 911."


仔细听完整条信息. 它将是简短的,不会重复. 按照给出的说明操作. You may be directed to a commercial TV or radio station for further information. Do not hang up until you have heard the entire message or you might miss vital information. Do not call 911 for further information unless directed to do so or if you need immediate aid from the Police, EMS或消防部门.

我有一个无绳电话,停电时它就不工作了. 911怎么能联系到我?

There are two ways you can continue to receive telephone messages from 桃县 911 through CodeRED:

  1.  Make sure you have at least one working corded telephone - and be sure to turn the ringer on.
  2. The CodeRED "Community Notification Enrollment" sign-up form gives you the option of filling in both two phone numbers. 输入两个电话将导致两个电话都收到呼叫.

CodeRED widens the safety margin by offering residents another new and powerful means of learning about vital, 及时的信息. 此外,你应该继续听电视和收音机.


是的,CodeRED会在机器或语音信箱中留言. Part of the CodeRED solution is the patented ability to recognize answering devices and leave the message completely in one pass.




  • If you have moved or changed your phone number and have not registered your new contact information, CodeRED可能无法与您联系.
  • 如果你家里只有无绳电话, 停电,您没有注册备用电话号码, CodeRED将无法与您联系.
  • If your line is busy for an extended period and your calls do not forward to voice mail or an answering machine in a busy condition, 三次尝试后,CodeRED将停止拨打您的号码. 桃县 911 will receive a report of undelivered calls and can instruct CodeRED to begin another round of calls to busy numbers. It's best to have an alternate phone number in the calling database for these situations.
  • 如果您的主电话服务上有隐私管理器, CodeRED将无法与您联系 unless you have registered an alternate number that will accept the call.

桃县911有我的电话号码吗, 还是我必须注册接收编码紧急呼叫?

桃县911没有你的电话号码,除非你注册. 如果你最近搬家或换过电话号码, you should definitely sign up for the CodeRED service or update your information you have already provided. 您提供的任何新信息将自动取代旧信息.


点击此链接到编码注册表格 你可以在网上填写. This is the quickest way to sign up because the information you supply will immediately update the CodeRED telephone number database. 如果你在家里不能上网, please consider using a computer at the 图书馆 or ask a friend or family member for assistance. On-line registration is the most efficient, accurate and private way to supply your information. To register on-line you might first have to adjust your internet browser to enable cookies, 否则,您可能会收到错误消息.

The registration form only allows me to enter a primary and secondary telephone number. 如果我想为我的地址注册额外的号码怎么办?

在您提交初始注册表格后, you may start the registration process again and submit more numbers for the same address.

我在桃县有一家公司.  我可以安排CodeRED打电话到我的公司吗?

是的. 单击已编码链接. 点击“商务”选项,填写所需信息. Please note that emergency calls can only be delivered to a direct dial number. Automated attendants will disrupt the process and the calls will not be delivered. 业务es should register their main number and establish a procedure for distributing the CodeRED message to their workforce.